CRN Headline News 9/13-18

Need to read articles you may have missed this week…

MONDAY 9/13 

Vaccine Passports in UK Will Be Scrapped as Part of Winter Covid Planning

Six Capitol Cops Face Disciplinary Action for, Among Other Things, Taking Selfies With ‘Insurrectionists’ on Jan. 6

Globalists Hijack 9/11 Anniversary, Trot Out Bush and Hillary to Unleash ‘January 6 Domestic Terrorism Threat’ Narrative

Is This Our Soon Coming Future?


Joe Biden is not incompetent: He is doing exactly what he was hired to do — collapse America

Ivermectin, ‘Noble Lies,’ and Whom Do We Trust?

‘New York Times’ Quietly Removes Claim That Hunter Biden Laptop Story Was ‘Unsubstantiated’

Four Characteristics of a False Convert


Green Passport meant to incentivize vaccination not lower infection, Israeli health minister says

Five Observations of Modern Church Liberal Drift and Apostasy

Treason? Resignation Calls Follow Report of General Milley’s Secret Calls to China


Science is dying; superstition disguised as morality is returning

Globalists Unite: Clinton, Bush, Obama Team Up with Biden to Import Afghans

Pope Francis on Pro-Abortion Politicians: Communion Reserved for ‘Community’ of Catholics

Moderna analysis: Those vaccinated last year twice more likely to get COVID-19 than those jabbed recently


BREAKING: FDA Panel Rejects Pfizer’s COVID-19 Vaccine Booster

Buckle-up Pro-lifers. They will say anything to silence us

Pure EVIL: FDA Purchased Baby Heads and Body Parts, Demanded ‘Fresh and Never Frozen’

Population the size of Birmingham came in illegally in August – 208K

Biden Administration Send Less than Half the Lifesaving Antibody Treatment Needed to Florida


Psaki Shares Inaccurate Information About COVID After Hectoring Newsmax Reporter for Asking ‘Inaccurate’ Question

Cartoon Network and HBO Max are launching a bunch of new shows to wokeify your kids

Hundreds Arrested in Australia as Anti-Lockdown Protesters Break Police Lines, Trample Officers


Bethel Church’s new megabucks megastructure will model ‘on earth as it is in heaven’

Major evangelical figure comes out as gay