Words as Weapons: Why We Must Stand Our Ground Over Pronouns

“Words are everything. Words shape how we understand and perceive reality. Trans activists trying to transform our society understand that, and we should too. “Pronoun courtesy” is nothing more than a public surrender to a poisonous ideology—and that is precisely how it looks to those demanding our verbal submission.” 

(Jonathan Van Maren – European Conservative) In the autumn of 2016, trans activists targeted Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, at the time a relatively obscure psychologist based at the University of Toronto. Peterson had released a video explaining why he opposed proposed Canadian legislation, Bill C-16, an amendment to the Canadian Human Rights Act regulating speech regarding gender identity….

Due to his decades-long study of totalitarianism, Peterson stated in no uncertain terms that in the fight for civilization, language was always one of the first battlefields—and was thus the hill to die on. We all know how that fight went. Instead of getting cancelled, Peterson got rich and famous.

After the fact, many wondered: why was Peterson so willing to sacrifice his career over the issue of transgender pronouns? He is now one of the world’s most well-known intellectuals, but at the time there was every likelihood that his story would end the way most of these incidents do—with a quiet firing, a 24-hour news story, and another victory for the dudes in drag. I heard a student ask Peterson this question at one of his early lectures in 2017, before he launched his global tours marked by the presence of security and prohibitive speaking fees. View article →


What makes your moral boundaries more loving than mine?

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