Christians in Canada, you no longer owe submission to your government

“If government stops fulfilling its function and becomes an oppressor of the people, then as Rev. West rightly explains, it ceases being God’s servant and becomes a pest. It is the duty of the people to resist such pests to the commonwealth.”

(Capstone Report) Kings and their governments are created for the benefit of the people and not people for the benefit of their rulers. Or, to put it into the exact words of the author of Vindiciae Contra Tyrannos, “Kings were instituted on account of the people. You cannot say that all men together as a whole [universi*] were created for the sake of more or less a hundred simple men.”

This view accords with the Apostle Paul’s teaching. In Romans 13:4 Paul declares government rulers to be “God’s servant for your good.” The Apostle writing under inspiration of the Holy Spirit declared that rulers are God’s servants. Paul uses diakonos. This is the same word he used for deacon. View article →


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