Attacking the Florida Bill Is the Commies’ Latest Attempt to Have Sex With Your Kids

Nowhere does it say “don’t say ‘gay.’” In fact, the word “gay” doesn’t appear anywhere in the entire bill. The line simply ascertains something that we shouldn’t have to ascertain: don’t bombard kids aged four to seven years old with your sick, lefty “nothing matters but skin color and chosen gender” narrative that keeps blue-haired Antifa milksops up at night.

(Kevin Downey JR – PJ Media) The left wants to sexualize kids as young as four years old and if you disagree with that wicked plan you’re apparently “anti-gay.” Are these clowns sure that’s the approach they want to take?

It’s an old trick used by desperate degenerates to get what they want. Over the years the left has certainly mastered the “agree with us or you’re a (insert minority)-o-phobe” approach. And in the past it has worked on some people, I’m sure. But to suggest that anyone who doesn’t want very young kids indoctrinated with sex and gender ideology is “anti-gay” is, frankly, wretched and vile. Par for the progressive course. View article →


The Gay Agenda

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