Judge Julie: Accusing a Shepherd

Roys’ article creates the worst possible characterization of the events and people involved, as she employs a caricature of John MacArthur the chauvinist, enabler of abuse, and church authoritarian who purposefully attacks abused women and children. This is the narrative the reader is expected to accept against decades of evidence to the contrary.

(David Morrill – Protestia) Here we go again. Much like the last time I responded to a Julie Roys hit on John MacArthur, I hesitate to lend legitimacy to her attacks by offering a response. Yet given the volume of questions we’ve been asked about her article, the number of Christians blessed by John MacArthur’s ministry who are now apparently questioning the man’s lifetime of good and faithful service to the Lord, and the pile on from many online Christian personalities (Ruslan KDSaiko Woods for example), I am compelled to respond.

It should be mentioned (lest any readers think we are automatic MacArthur apologists) that we do not hesitate to criticize/critique our elder brother when we believe it is warranted. Frankly, we love and respect him too much to do otherwise. This article is intended to help those who may not be fully aware of the underlying tactics used by Julie Roys, her history of attacking John MacArthur, and what can and cannot be known about this nearly 20-year-old situation. View article →


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