Julie Roys dupes interviewer as they discuss her accusations against John MacArthur

“For better or worse (and to what degree he was still an abuser), Grace Community Church elders believed David was fully repentant, and there is no evidence she was counseled to stay with him while he reigned down blows, submitting to his fists and “submitting” to his abuse.”

(Protestia) Despite Ruslan KD taking a few shots at us in a recent video he did with Julie Roys outlining the John MacArthur saga, we have no ill will towards him, and in fact have featured him before. What we did want to focus on, however, are several claims made by both parties showing the careless way they handle facts and truth.

The first claim came from Ruslan, who said, “she was the first journalist to cover Ravi Zacharias” to which Roys responds:

“I was the first journalist to break it. I mean, there were some bloggers out there, you know, writing about it for years. I think it was in August or September, I broke the story of 2020. And then within like a month of that, then CT broke the story of the spa allegations and then World Magazine, but yeah, I was the first to break that, especially the part about Lori-Ann Thompson. View article →

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Protestia’s title: “Ruslan Gets Duped By Julie Roys During Interview and Spins His Own Errors”

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