The New Evangelical Latitudinarians, Emptying Christianity of All Meaning

(Ed Dingess) From the very beginning, the church has had to preserve its integrity and purity by protecting and fencing its membership. Jesus said that many would come in his name and make claims to faith falsely. Paul told the Ephesian elders that ravenous wolves would arise even from among them who would not spare the flock of God. Peter warned that just like false prophets arose among ancient Israel, so too, false teachers would appear from among the ranks of the visible church. Jude also warned that men have crept in unnoticed, men who were long ago marked out for this condemnation, ungodly persons who turn the grace of God into licentiousness.

It is clear from her history that the church, from her very beginning, has had to wage war against false teachings and the false teachers who peddle them. One of the false teachings that the church has had to contend with is minimalism. Minimalism is the move to reduce the Christian confession down to as few cardinal doctrines as possible in an attempt to be as inclusive as possible. If we travel back to the 17th-century, we find a group engaging in just this very practice. What they have in common with modern evangelical liberals is uncanny. View article →


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