Once Again, I Ask Andy Stanley to Resign

“It is one thing for an ignorant Christian who is not in a position of teaching authority to hold these views. It is an entirely different one for a pastor to hold these views. Pastors are entrusted with the oracles of God. They are to unfold the text, model a life in submission to that text, and call others to do the same. Their job is to accurately handle the Word of truth. If a man can’t do that in the pulpit, he has no business occupying one.”

(Grayson Gilbert – Patheos) A number of years ago, I wrote a blog post asking Andy Stanley to step down from ministry. The reason for this was fairly straightforward, in that while he would not deny the virgin birth, he made statements suggesting that the Christian faith doesn’t hinge off of the account of the virgin birth. This is false.

Later on, Andy Stanley also made comments that earned him the spurn of many Evangelicals, suggesting that it was time to unhitch from the Old Testament. In essence, his intent here was to say, that in much the same way the Christian faith doesn’t hinge off of the virgin birth, the Christian faith likewise doesn’t hinge off of the Old Testament. View article →


Andy Stanley

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