Of course they are coming for your children

“Confirming the lies that willful sinners engage in is not the job of a Christian. We don’t confirm error; we call it out. Men cannot have husbands, and women cannot have wives. Men cannot marry men, in God’s mind, nor can women marry women. Marriage is a contract established by God, between one man and one woman, and confused Christians do not negate that fact.”

(Sylvia Thompson – Renew America) America is finally seeing the result of its total abdication of Christian principles, after having bowed to the homosexual agenda.

When two homosexual men, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, first published After the Ball: How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90’s and then proceeded to create a masterful psyop on the public, I’m sure the authors never dreamed how far they could go with their scheme.

These men targeted all of America, but my focus is directed toward Christians.

When religious leaders moved the red line of sexual degeneracy to accommodate homosexuality (under withering pressure from the Kirk and Madsen crowd), I’m sure they hoped the degeneracy would go no further than, say, legal recognition of homosexual behavior. I’m sure all of America hoped that would be the case. Solid Christians, however, were very much aware that you cannot compromise with sexual sin, and we could see where it would lead. View article →

Research: Discernment

Research: Homosexual Agenda

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