Tom Ascol urges conservatives to think carefully about future in SBC

“We debated 45 minutes yesterday what a pastor is,” Ascol said. “We can’t really define what a pastor is. That is crazy talk for people who say they believe the Bible.”

(Capstone Report) Conservative Southern Baptist leader Tom Ascol told Jenna Ellis that the SBC is on an “unhealthy path” with many theological issues that must be addressed or the SBC will head into a “dangerous” area. Ascol was the standard bearer for conservative Southern Baptists in the recent presidential election. Ascol fell to the Woke choice Bart Barber just as last year Mike Stone fell to Woke choice Ed Litton. Naturally, some Southern Baptist pastors and members are fed up with the Woke control and are now pondering leaving the SBC.

“A lot of people have questions about ‘What should our relationship be with the SBC? Should we continue in it, or should we back up and regroup to contend for things we believe to be vitally important?’ Ascol said. “I’ve received dozens of texts today from pastors who were very discouraged and some who have said, ‘We are gone. We are out. This is it for us.’ I get that, but you should never make major decisions in the moment of heated passions.” View article →

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