How Doug Wilson and Co. Are Wailin’ on the Culture War

(Protestia) There is a growing concern over The Federal Vision (FV) again in North American Reformed Churches, here is why and here’s how to stop it:

  1. Very few (at least initially) are attracted to its theological positions. Most people aren’t interested in Baptismal Regeneration, Padeocommunion, and a questionable view of Justification. They aren’t being drawn by the Romanizing Tendency of FV. It’s something else.

  2. The major draw is what they are saying in the areas of gender roles, politics, culture, and issues within the church. Doug Wilson is addressing these issues at a rapid pace. He responds to issues in real time.

  3. Wilson and Co. are saying common sense things which no one else is willing to say in respectable Reformed churches (so called). I am talking about gender roles and modesty here. I don’t always agree with what they say, but they are willing to talk about it, sometimes too bluntly but that is better than can be gotten out of many other quarters of the Reformed church. View article →


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