Albert Mohler Says That Christians who Vote for Democrats are being ‘Unfaithful’ + ‘Voting Wrongly’

(Protestia) Albert Mohler has gone off on Christians who choose to vote for Democrats in the coming election, or do not vote at all, calling anyone who does so ‘unfaithful; and ‘voting wrongly’. He made these comments at the 2022 ‘Pray, Vote, Stand Summit’ this past week, setting off a firestorm of critiques from the usual suspects.

“Every single election matters. But every single election is followed by the next one. And faithfulness now is absolutely necessary and frankly, just given the temporality of life, we’ve got to give primary attention to faithfulness right now. 2022 in the United States means votes matter….

And we have a responsibility to make certain that Christians understand the stewardship of the vote, which means the discipleship of the vote, which means the urgency of the vote, the treasure of the vote, and they need to understand that insofar as they do not vote or they vote wrongly, they are unfaithful because the vote is a powerful stewardship.” View article →


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