Mike Winger, Allen Parr, and the Darker Side of Christian YouTube

“Mike Winger’s normative discernment, practiced by online ministers, is basically a “see no falsehood, hear no falsehood” approach to other teachers – even clearly false ones.”

(David Morrill) The internet certainly provides a great number of teachers saying what itching ears want to hear (2 Tim. 4:3). No site makes this more obvious than the world’s second-largest search engine, Google’s very own YouTube. Viewers can watch content ranging from bizarre and obvious rank heresy all the way to solid expositional sermons from trustworthy ministries around the globe – all loosely defined within the distinct yet unceremoniously monikered “Christian YouTube.”

At the top of the Christian YouTube heap lies a perniciously dangerous breed of online teacher. These teachers boast hundreds of thousands of subscribers, millions of views, and video content on nearly every theological topic imaginable. Their content is often solidly biblical and helpful, especially for believers not steeped in the finer points of biblical discernment. View article →


Does the Bible actually teach we’re not to judge others? by Marsha West



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