Greg Locke Accuses John MacArthur and Justin Peters of Lying About the Spiritual Gifts Because it ‘Feeds Your Ego’

(The Dissenter) Cessationism is the doctrine that the Apostolic sign gifts such as speaking in tongues, prophecy, and the gift of healing (not to be confused with God actually healing people), are not practiced today but, instead, were gifts given to certain people in the early Church before the closing of the biblical canon as a means to demonstrate the authority of the Words of God being spoken. In other words, cessationism teaches that these gifts have ceased and that the Scriptures are complete.

Cessationism is common among Reformed and Protestant denominations as these denominations have historically held to the absolute authority of Scripture. The doctrine of Sola Scripture (Scripture Alone) is the overarching theme behind cessationism as it teaches that the Word of God alone, particularly the gospel, is sufficient to save and to sanctify (Romans 1:162 Timothy 3:16-17, etc.). View article →


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