The Pulpitless Plague: A Tragic Tale of Abandonment and its Devastating Impact on the Church

“The pastors of today have lost sight of the true purpose of their calling, preferring to focus on self-help sermons and motivational speeches that lack the power to truly transform the hearts and minds of their congregants. They have abandoned the authority of the pulpit, forsaking their role as heralds of the gospel, choosing instead to be mere entertainers and purveyors of a secular message.”  

(The Dissenter) Let us imagine a man, a pastor, who forsakes the traditional trappings of his calling, forgoing the pulpit for a mere stool. He sits, not with the regal bearing of a man called by God to deliver his word, but with the slouching posture of a man worn down by the banalities of everyday life. His voice, not the booming oration of a prophet, but a whiny inflection that speaks to the mundane complaints and grievances of the members of his church, rather than the holiness, righteousness, justice, wrath, mercy, and grace of God.

He preaches not with the fire of the Holy Spirit, but with the apathy of a man going through the motions. His words, lacking the conviction and authority that comes with the preaching of the gospel, fall flat on the ears of his congregation like droplets of water on parched earth. The once-sacred space of the church is now a mere echo chamber for the petty concerns of the congregation, the pulpit, an afterthought replaced by the inadequate representation of a wooden stool, a plastic music stand, and a large computer screen. View article →


The Worst Christian of 2022 This year, instead of just retiring with any dignity you had left, you left First Baptist Woodstock to be “restored” at another church by a team of your megapastor friends.  You’re already back trying to preach at conferences!  You, sir, clearly have no fear of God and no respect for Christ’s church. 

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