Asbury ‘Revival’—Letter to the Editor Raises Concerns About Possible Pre-Planned Exploits

(Lighthouse Trails) Lighthouse Trails reader raises valid concerns about circumstances surrounding the Asbury “revival.” While Asbury University personnel and numerous secular and religious media outlets say that the “revival” is “pure, unplanned, organic,” and unexpected, it turns out an NAR/IHOP*-connected group had been planning a revival event at Asbury days before it even began. Lighthouse Trails does not question the sincerity of those at the Asbury gathering who may be truly committing or re-committing their lives to the Lord in humility, repentance, and reverence but is concerned about harmful exploits that can potentially hurt many while calling something a move of God that in reality may be a pre-planned event which could become part of a false revival.

Important Note: It must be noted here as well that Asbury University and other colleges that have begun similar “revival” meetings (because of the Asbury event) are on the Lighthouse Trails contemplative prayer/Spiritual Formation College list, which presents serious concerns in and of itself. If true God-led revival is indeed taking place, the mystical spirituality that these schools have been embracing and transforming students with cannot be ignored any longer. From our point of view, it will not be true revival unless it is dealt with because such a New Age spirituality leads people away from the Gospel and God’s Word and brings them into the audience of “seducing spirits” (which can lead to beliefs such as atheism, humanism, and wokeism).


Dear Lighthouse Trails:

I have been keeping an eye on the Asbury “revival” (which began on February 8th) since an article appeared in the American Thinker last Tuesday (2/14).1 The title referred to a “hopeful phenomenon,” then focused on a college paper reporter’s account of the Asbury “revival” being unexpected, even though the school was “no stranger to revivals“ according to the article. Please pardon the length of what follows, but it seems a time-sensitive issue with many questions and flags being raised.

The same article then quoted from articles from CBN and local NBC affiliate WLEX, the latter with a headline that “‘God is transforming lives: Revival continues at Asbury University.”2 One initial thought was since when does a modern NBC affiliate in a large city/college town like Lexington run headlines like that?

There seemed to be a sense that this might be used just like the “Toronto blessing” as something that started small but set off a movement etc. Even the University president commented that books are likely to be written about this while discussing university plans related to commissioning and sending out those there to share their experiences, all of which warranted a closer look. View article →




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