Francis Chan to Host Ecumenical ‘Collegiate Day of Prayer’ at Asbury University Tonight

“With the aberrant movements and leadership involved in this movement, is it any wonder why conservative Christians are so skeptical of this “revival”? Why should we believe that true revival is happening within a movement that has exchanged the gospel for social justice and promotes homosexuality? What you see here is exactly what you’re going to see in the Collegiate Day of Prayer movement.” 

(The Dissenter) As we reported last week, the so-called “spontaneous revival” at Asbury University that has been going on since February 8 may not have been quite so spontaneous after all. In fact, as far back as last November, Francis Chan announced he would be hosting a “revival” meeting at Asbury University in February—and, today is that day.

Tonight at 8 pm EST Francis Chan is hosting a nationwide simulcast live from Asbury University.

So, what is the Collegiate Day of Prayer? According to its website, it is to promote “united prayer” for college students around the nation. “According to Matthew 18:18-20,” the website reads, “the greater the number united in faith and prayer, the easier the battle for this generation can be won. Just as a team of horses can move a heavy load faster and easier together, so our greatest barriers can be better overcome through united prayer.” View article →

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