The Importance of Training Children in Biblical Apologetics From a Young Age

“Apologetics is not merely a supplemental aspect of our children’s Christian education, but an integral part of it. It enables them to engage with the world confidently, standing firm in their convictions even when they are challenged. It equips them to be not just passive consumers of their faith, but active defenders and ambassadors of it.”

The nature of faith, and specifically Christian faith, is such that it is not simply an accessory to life, casually picked up or set aside as one’s whims dictate. It is a fundamental structure, a foundation upon which life’s decisions, choices, and worldviews are established. Yet, our children are growing up in a world that is increasingly secular, a world where faith, particularly Christian faith, is confronted by relentless challenges and lured by alluring, yet damning ideologies—from evolution to radical feminism to the LGBTQ movement.

Such ideologies have a natural appeal to fallen man in a fallen world—these ideologies seek to gratify the flesh of a fallen mind. For the sake of our children, we must arm them with robust tools to navigate these treacherous waters, to withstand the seductive whispers of secularism and materialism, and to remain firmly rooted in their Christian convictions. We must teach them apologetics. View article →


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