Debunking the Myths: How Continuationists Misrepresent Cessationism

“One of the most profound misunderstandings is the charge that cessationists “put God in a box,” claiming that He no longer heals or performs miracles. This is a gross misrepresentation. God, in His omnipotence and sovereignty, is free to act in whatever manner He chooses. The difference lies not in God’s capability but in the methods He has chosen to employ to carry out His divine purposes.”

(The Dissenter) Criticism of the doctrine of cessationism is hardly a novel phenomenon coming from the charismatic wing of professing Christendom. Yet in recent years, a concerning shift has become increasingly evident….

Hostility towards this doctrine has intensified, crossing the line into personal attacks on people who hold to cessationism, and most often by people who misrepresent what cessationists actually believe and teach. Here’s just one recent example that I saw on social media earlier today. View article →


Research: New Apostolic Reformation

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