They’re Making a List, Checking It Twice — Is Your Church Naughty or Nice?

“The only reason there’s this debate about LGBTQ+-affirming churches is that the Rainbow Mafia demands acquiescence and will take nothing less. These days, we can’t simply love gay people for who they are; we must celebrate their lifestyles if we are to be in good standing with the Pride Mob.”

(Chris Queen – PJ Media) You can’t escape the Pride Mob these days, and it looks like your church won’t be able to escape it either. This probably shouldn’t come as a surprise to us, but a group at Oxford University in the UK has begun rating churches in the area based on their capitulation to the heresy of the LGBTQ movement.

“The Oxford Safe Churches project, run by a coalition of LGBTQ+ organisations and Churches in Oxford, have published their first faith report, titled ‘Attitudes to Queer Christians in Oxford Churches,’” reports the Oxford Student news website. “The report, published on Friday 22 September, uses a ‘traffic light’ system to rank the LGBTQ+ inclusivity of churches in Oxford.” View article →


When Christians Tolerate Anything and Everybody, You Cannot Guard the Flock Against Wolves by Marsha West

Research: Homosexual – LGBTQ Agenda


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