Demon Possession and the Christian Bible

“Many Protestants have failed to remember that this is not merely a Roman Catholic thing. We do need to understand that demon possession does in fact still happen, even in our circles. But why does it and what can we as believers do about it in the present day and age?”

(Benjamin Glaser) It was fitting that while my sons and I were watching football on Saturday afternoon that an advertisement came on promoting a new series of films in the Exorcist family. The original movie was a sensation when it first came out. Based upon a book with a similar name it has entered into public consciousness in such a way that there is no need to explain the story. We all know it. It is interesting to me at least that as anti-supernatural as our culture has become over the past two-hundred years, and really before that in the writings of Rousseau and others, it still is scared out of its wits vis-a-vis the idea of demon possession. Is the reason for that because deep down we all know its real?

Good horror always has as its foundation the fear of the unknown. What made Hitchcock so popular is that he became famous for illustrating that phenomenon. It is what we don’t, or can’t see that makes us actually afraid. In today’s entry into our series on things that go bump in the night we are going to look at what the Bible has to say when it comes to human beings and the continuing concern of the devil’s entering into control over the body and soul of a person. View article →


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