Catholic Church Updates Dogma to Include Co-habiting Homosexual Couples as ‘Conforming to the Faith’

(The Dissenter) In an unsurprising move of apostasy, the Roman Catholic Church, which has completely abandoned the Scriptures in favor of Papal authority, is now allowing “transgender” people to find refuge within its walls. This startling development echoes the fall of mainstream Protestant denominations that have long since taken a 180-degree turn from anything resembling Christianity, indulging in the carnality of culture rather than the truth of the Bible.

In an era where the boundaries of biblical morality are being relentlessly tested, these religious institutions have completely failed the test of faithfulness….

The Vatican’s new pastoral guidelines that extend a welcoming hand to sexually immoral people, calling for respect and recognition, are a slap in the face to the Scripture’s clear teachings on gender and sexuality. This is not mere accommodation—it is a full-throated embrace of a secular creed that has infiltrated the Church, even the Roman Catholic Church, under the guise of compassion. View article →


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