Wheaton College Fires Back After Fox News Accuses Them of Being Woke, But Were They Right?

They may be a fully committed to Christian service, but that doesn’t mean the cracks haven’t started to form, and aren’t growing bigger, and bigger, and bigger…”

(Protestia) Wheaton College President Philip Ryken has responded to a recent article published at Fox News that accused the “Harvard of Christian schools” of “banning biblical words, teaching critical race theory, and psychologizing gender identity issues,” saying that the “various claims about the College…are either false or misleading” and that “the mischaracterizing post seems to be cobbled from out-of-context items found on the Internet.”

Is Ryken telling the truth? Tim Scheiderer, the author for Fox News, initially wrote:

(Wheaton’s) most blatant offense against Christianity is banning certain biblical words that are key to the faith’s foundation. In this year’s curriculum for freshman, students are informed about opportunities to meet the needs of those less fortunate. This is commonly known as the act of service.

Wheaton, however, instructs the students not to use the word, “service.” Instead, they are to use “sacrificial co-laboring.” The reason given is service “may invoke power dynamics across socio-economic, racial, and cultural lines.” View article →


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