Amy Grant Defends Hosting Same Sex Marriage ‘I Love Those Brides’

“This demonstrates that Grant has created a false god in her own image, one who approves of sin and sexual immorality and does not require repentance and faith. This is the false god that Amy Grant worships and is the … Continue reading 

Franklin Graham Gives Christian Music Star Amy Grant a Reality Check Straight from the Bible After Her Gay Wedding Announcement

She implied that “those afflicted with homosexual urges should not feel any kind of conviction to repent and turn from their sin so long as they believe that they are ‘loved.’” (Jared Miller – The Western Journal) God’s Word admonishes us … Continue reading 

Amy Grant And The Pitfall Of Being Liked By The World

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) The story about Amy Grant and her plans to host a homosexual wedding are a grave warning to believers. Amy Grant achieved both fame and esteem in the world through contemporary Christian music (CCM). Yet … Continue reading 

Amy Grant Plans To Host a Gay Wedding

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Amy Grant is the queen of contemporary Christian music and known for hits like “Baby Baby,” “Breath of Heaven,” and “Find A Way.” She is also known for being one of many CCM artists … Continue reading 

‘The Jesus Music’ Trailer Launches, But a Third of the Featured Artists are Pro-Gay

(Protestia)  A trailer for The Jesus Music has just dropped; a Lionsgate documentary that delves into the roots and origins of Contemporary Christian Music. Released by the Erwin Brothers, who directed movies such as “I Can Only Imagine’, ‘I Still Believe’, … Continue reading 

Enneagram to be promoted in Covenant Theological Seminary?

“You see, the Enneagram is the very antithesis of the Gospel. With the Enneagram, man is glorified; with the Gospel, God is glorified,” writes Lois Putnam, author of The Enneagram–An Enlightening Tool or an Enticing Deception? The Enneagram is not a … Continue reading 

Popular Christian music groups teaching heresy?

The blog post below addresses the astonishing lack of discernment among self-professed Christians when it comes to contemporary Christian music (CCM). The truth of the matter is that most CCM really isn’t Christian at all — not even close! How … Continue reading 

Transvestite Tops iTunes ‘Christian’ Music Charts, Rivaling Elevation Music, Lauren Daigle

(The Dissenter) If you want to know just how low we’ve gone not only as a nation, but just how irrelevant we’ve collectively become as the Church, look no further than what passes as “Christian” music in the worship music … Continue reading 

Religious Freedom Wins Again at Supreme Court; But for How Long?

(Mark Tapscott – PJ Media)  It got little coverage in the Mainstream Media, but the Supreme Court on Friday ruled 6-3 that Santa Clara County, California, officials cannot forbid churches in the Silicon Valley region from holding in-person worship services. Chief … Continue reading