Disgraced Pastor Greg Locke’s New Film Gets a Poster and Release Date+ Will be in ‘Thousands’ of Theaters

“This fiery film documents the beginnings of their journey. “Come Out In Jesus Name” will be followed by a live simulcast event where Pastor Locke and his fellow demon slayers will lead a supernatural mass deliverance… in Jesus name.” (Protestia) … Continue reading 

The World Health Organization, Johns Hopkins, and Bill Gates Just Conducted Another Pandemic Simulation — This Time The Virus Is Deadlier And Targets Children

“A pundit named Jeanne Meserve of GNN, a fictional news outlet, is seen in footage during the pandemic simulation announcing the high death toll, particularly among children, from a pandemic that would have been prevented if countries adopted pandemic operational … Continue reading 

It Gets Worse: Look Who Worked Together to Frame Donald Trump With Fake Russia Hoax

“Stories of Soros’s meddling in elections around the world are legion. When he’s not tanking  markets or creating fake revolutions, he and his minions are opening borders, destroying reputations, and making the world safer for assisted suicide, hard drugs, and released inmates … Continue reading 

The World Is Paying A Deadly Price For Barack Obama’s Foreign Policy Legacy

“To truly comprehend how demented our foreign policy has become, consider this: Iran reportedly informed Turkey in advance of its planned operation against Israel, and the U.S. told Iran through Ankara that the attack should be “within certain limits.” This … Continue reading 

Justin Peters vs. Michael Brown: On Benny Hinn and Repentance

“Back in the 90’s, Michael Brown participated in the Brownsville Revival which featured falsified miracles and false prophecies uttered by Brown himself—unsurprisingly pertaining to Israel. As of 2021, Brown was defending the Brownsville Revival. Due to the age of this scandal, … Continue reading 

The Illegals Might Be in Control Before the Election

“Now, had any of the above-mentioned people wandered into the United States Capitol on January 6, 2021, the Biden administration would be petitioning to have them drawn and quartered.” (Stephen Kruiser – PJ Media) I’ll kick things off today with a … Continue reading 

The Chosen Advertises Getting God’s Sovereignty Wrong

“The Chosen portrays Jesus as teaching bad theology unironically as some sort of banger to promote the show’s theatrical release. This is just the latest issue with an otherwise problematic show.” (Ray Fava – Evangelical Darb Web) The Chosen’s fourth … Continue reading 

No, Jesus Was Not Born Again

“Such false teachings must not only be refuted but also exposed for what they truly are, a perilous departure from the gospel of Jesus Christ, a gospel that promises life not through mystical rebirths in the afterlife but through faith … Continue reading 

The Truth About the COVID Vaccine Is Finally Becoming Known

(Mark Tapscott – PJ Media) Mark Twain famously said that a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth even starts putting on its shoes. Here is Exhibit A in contemporary proof of the most famous American writer’s maxim. It … Continue reading 

Ligonier’s RefNet and Shepherd’s Conference Cancels Alistair Begg

Before we get to Evangelical Dark Web’s report, Religion News Service is reporting that Alistair Begg will no longer be speaking at John MacArthur’s Shepherd’s Conference. According to RNS’s January 31 report: Begg had been scheduled to speak in March … Continue reading 

‘Credible Sources’ Say Michelle Obama Will Replace Joe Biden

“Bill O’Reilly has said it’s “almost inconceivable” that Democrats would nominate President Biden because of his dementia. He further said that former First Lady Obama was the only one among Democrats who could beat former President Donald Trump.” (Mary Dowling) … Continue reading 

Alistair Begg Doubles Down on LGBTQ Wedding Remarks, Gets the Boot From American Family Radio

“We are grateful that AFR has done the right thing, and we agree with them that the goal is always reconciliation, but reconciliation in the truth.” (The Dissenter) Last week, The Dissenter reported that Alistair Begg, a prominent pastor associated … Continue reading