Judge Finds Hillsong Founder Brian Houston NOT GUILTY of Concealing Sex Abuse

(Protestia) Former Global Senior Pastor of Hillsong Church, Brian Houston, was found not guilty of covering up sexual abuses committed by his late father over 30 years ago, with Magistrate Gareth Christofi handing down the decision in Sydney’s Downing Centre … Continue reading 

Hillsong Church All Laughter and Applause as Financial Scandals Addressed

7.  Large cash payment or gifts to false teachers under the guise of honorariums. TD Jakes and Joyce Meyers are the most notorious of the recipients, each receiving hundreds of thousands. Other false teachers associated with this scheme include Pricilla Shirer, Loui Giglio, and … Continue reading 

Christ or Chords? The Manipulated Emotionalism of Hillsong, Asbury, and Pentecostalized Evangelical Worship

“The use of music to manufacture “feelings of spirituality” is exactly why Hillsong and the whole contemporary worship music movement are so popular—take away the music, and you eliminate the “feelings of spirituality.”…The use of music to manufacture “revival” is what … Continue reading 

What is ‘Hillsong Family’, and Why Do Some Churches Pay $100K a Year to Join It? Ft. Judah Smith

“In 2019, just from speaking at Hillsong alone, Smith personally made 50K for two sermons, with his first-class flights, meals, and hotels also covered.” (Protestia) Hillsong Family is an initiative started by Brian and Bobbie Houston.  According to the embattled church: … Continue reading 

Hillsong Church Salaries, Royalties, Benefits Revealed. $1.9M, $ 1.7M, $1.5M, $876K, $540K

(Protestia) With the trove of 10,000 Hillsong papers being released to the public, some of the salaries of pastors and leaders within Hillsong have been revealed. While some of the worship pastors were getting royalties off their Hillsong Music, they … Continue reading 

Several US Megachurch Pastors Implicated in Major Alleged Hillsong Tax Fraud Scandal

“The evidence presented by Wilkie allegedly suggests that Hillsong Church has paid American televangelists, such as Joyce Meyer and T.D. Jakes, tens, even hundreds of thousands of dollars in honorariums for their engagements with the church.” Recently, an alleged scandal … Continue reading 

Hillsong’s Brian Houston Slams Church Board For His Resignation, Denies Any Wrongdoing; “They Poured Ultimate Shame And Humiliation On Me”

“Houston denies resigning because of any mistakes he made but rather because after the Board threw him under the bus with their accusations, it poisoned the well too much to recover.” (Protestia) Disgraced Hillsong Church’s former Global Senior Pastor has … Continue reading 

Whistleblower Inside Hillsong Alleges Major Financial Misconduct +Money Fraud

(Protestia) A whistleblower and former employee of Hillsong church is suing the embattled denomination, alleging that the Australian megacorp has moved millions of dollars out of the country to hide its finances from Australian charity regulators and regularly engaged in … Continue reading 

Former Hillsong NYC Pastor, Carl Lentz’s Wife Speaks Out About the ‘Relentless Lies’ About Their Family

“Lentz, who had been preaching a watered-down gospel for a decade, should actually hear what the gospel has to say about the sin he’s engulfed himself in right now. Repent and turn to Christ. Believe in Him….”  (Dissenter) Carl Lentz, … Continue reading 

Former Hillsong pastors say they were threatened by Brian Houston to hand over their church and assets

“Brian Houston warns that Vera and Zhenya Kasevich “have a lot to fear” and that his general manager has “a lot of useful information for the US embassy” about the former Hillsong Kyiv pastors.” (ABC News) Two former European pastors … Continue reading 

Could Elevation Church Replace the Scandal-Plagued Hillsong on the World Stage?

Steven Furtick is a charismatic Word of Faith pastor who has aligned himself with many of the giants in the prosperity gospel, including Word of Faith Oneness pastor, T.D. Jakes, and has been praised by former Hillsong NYC [disgraced] pastor, … Continue reading 

The Dangerous Legal Structures of Hillsong Church

(Barry Bowen – Trinity Foundation) Jesus once told a parable about two different people constructing houses. One built on a foundation of stone and the other on sand. When the rains came the house built on sand collapsed. The foundation … Continue reading 

More Details on the Pastor Hillsong Promoted After He Was Caught in Adulterous Sex Scandal

“Senior leadership at Hillsong knew and did not care, and that is why it is an inevitability that more stories will come to light about similar behavior. They spent a decade covering them up, which means more will only come … Continue reading 

Hillsong Music is for the Spiritually Shallow

“If your church is still using Hillsong music, you need to urge them to stop. You should point out that this isn’t actual worship of God, it is in many ways a form of idolatry.”   If you’ve paid any attention … Continue reading 

Hillsong Has Purged Brian Houston’s Preaching from Hillsong Website

(Protestia) Four days ago, Hillsong interim Global Senior Pastor Phil Dooley announced that Brian Houston, founder and former Global Senior Pastor of the 150,000-member, prosperity preaching, heresy-weaving multisite church committed several “indiscretions” with two women. Dooley previously led the South … Continue reading 

Breaking! Interim Hillsong Leader Says Founder Brian Houston Committed ‘Indiscretions’ with Two Women

(Protestia) A year after Hillsong head honcho Brian Houston fired Pastor Carl Lentz of their New York Branch for having an adulterous relationship, interim Global Senior Pastor Phil Dooley, who took over leadership duties from Brian Houston in January so … Continue reading 

Founder of celebrity megachurch Hillsong steps down to fight charge that he hid sexual abuse committed by his pastor father

(Kelsey Vlamis) Brian Houston, founder of the megachurch Hillsong, which has drawn congregants like Justin Bieber, Kourtney Kardashian, and Selena Gomez, said on Sunday he is stepping down as pastor while he fights accusations he hid sexual abuse committed by his … Continue reading 

Hillsong Christmas Special Features Scantily-Clad Teen Girls Dancing and Writhing Around Provocatively

“…the mega entertainment corporation pretending to be a church once again featured scantily-clad women dancing and writhing around on stage in a sexually provocative manner.” (Reformation Charlotte)  Hillsong is known for its lavish luxury carnal mindset and its music productions … Continue reading 

Dane Ortlund Wants to Make Sure You Don’t Reject Hillsong Music Just Because It Sounds Happy

“I’m sure Mr. Ortlund means well with this statement, but he obviously didn’t think this through. Nobody–literally nobody–actually rejects Hillsong because of this reason.”  (Reformation Charlotte) Hillsong music has been soundly rejected by many top theologians including John MacArthur, Justin … Continue reading 

Refuting Hillsong’s recent misleading media statement

(Churchwatch Central) This article exists to refute the misleading claims in Hillsong’s recent media statement. We will mainly focus on the points that Hillsong claims are ‘fact’ in their statement. However, it’s worth quickly addressing two points in the statement … Continue reading 

Hillsong Leader Brian Houston Officially Charged with Concealing Fathers Sex Abuse

(Protestia)  Hillsong head honcho Brian Houston, founder of the multi-site mega corp church group Hillsong has been officially charged by police for allegedly concealing and covering up his late father’s well-documented sexual abuse and molestation of children in the 1970’s, … Continue reading 

Popular Worship Artist Denounces Hillsong, Bethel, and Elevation for ‘Heresy’

“The Biblical truths that we’ve held for so long–truths such as human depravity, the exclusivity of Christ, and God’s hatred of sin–are whitewashed with affirming antics and nuanced language that effectively stains the image of God from his perfect glory.” … Continue reading 

Discovery+ docuseries to look at Hillsong Church scandal, fall of ex-pastor Carl Lentz

According to Discovery+, the series will profile “current and ex-members of the church who have come forward to share harrowing stories of trauma, abuse, financial and labor exploitation, homophobia and racism that created a culture of chaos at Hillsong.” (Jeannie Ortega … Continue reading 

Sex abuse allegations by Carl Lentz’s former nanny put spotlight on Hillsong culture

(Roxanne Stone – Religion News Service)  A former Hillsong NYC staff member has come forward with allegations that the megachurch’s former pastor Carl Lentz subjected her to “bullying, abuse of power and sexual abuse” over the course of seven years … Continue reading 

Hillsong CEO Says It’s ‘Unfortunate’ to Represent What the Bible Says About Homosexuality

“The position Houston took echos what former NYC pastor, Carl Lentz, stated last year–that he may be open to affirming homosexuality and abortion in the future. Hillsong has a history of being less-than-conservative on homosexuality. In 2014,…”  (Reformation Charlotte)  Hillsong Church–a … Continue reading