Jackie Hill Perry Repents of Using and Promoting the Enneagram, Calls it Demonic

“If we could just get her to repent of all of her other false teachings, such as Same-sex-attracted Christianity, feminism, the social gospel, and charismaticism, and get her to step down and sit under solid Bible teaching, she might become … Continue reading 

Jackie Hill Perry Releases Rap Video Saying Lake (of Fire?) Awaits White People Preaching Against CRT

“She has completely embraced every error and heresy the film [American Gospel] that she was once featured in, set out to expose.” (The Dissenter) Jackie Hill Perry, who recently made headlines after claiming that “God primarily deals with her in dreams,” … Continue reading 

Ex-Lesbian Featured in Anti-Prosperity ‘American Gospel’ Film Goes Full Prosperity Gospel

“God primarily deals with me in dreams. I’ve been enlightened, warned, and led to intercede for others through them. But lately, I’ve had an increase of “inner unctions” by the Spirit, that arise in prayer, about people I know and … Continue reading 

SBC President Approves of Female Prosperity Gospel LGBTQ Preacher on Blasphemous TBN Network

“J.D. Greear is one of the foremost leading this movement as he — the president of the Southern Baptist Convention — cheers on the rebellion of women in pulpits around the globe. And his latest ovation goes to “ex-lesbian” (who … Continue reading