What is ‘Hillsong Family’, and Why Do Some Churches Pay $100K a Year to Join It? Ft. Judah Smith

“In 2019, just from speaking at Hillsong alone, Smith personally made 50K for two sermons, with his first-class flights, meals, and hotels also covered.” (Protestia) Hillsong Family is an initiative started by Brian and Bobbie Houston.  According to the embattled church: … Continue reading 

Judah Smith and Churchome Bring on Trinity-Denier T.D Jakes as Board Member

The Smiths are about as seeker-sensitive and biblically compromised as they come. They live in a multi-million dollar home and have a penchant for Gucci luxury clothes, where a single outfit can cost upwards of $5000$. They count Justin Bieber as … Continue reading 

Pastors, Ditch the Metrosexual Persona: God Calls You to be a Faithful Shepherd and Steward of His Word

“The infamous Steven Furtick, Judah Smith, the disgraced former Hillsong pastor, Carl Lentz, and many, many more, share the same dangerous and insidious personality – one of ego, entitlement, and a thirst for power at any cost. But their egos … Continue reading 

Health-and-Wealth Pastor, Carl Lentz, Has Coronavirus

“My advice to people is try to take this as seriously as you can.” (Dustin Germain)  We’ve written about Carl Lentz many times. He is the pastor of Hillsong New York, large, seeker-friendly non-confrontational church that has compromised on many, … Continue reading