Oprah Joins Plot To Convince Americans Their Country Is Racist

“It is fascinating that two of the most privileged women in America, Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Hannah-Jones and media empire queen Oprah Winfrey, are advancing the claim that black people are still systematically oppressed. No reasonable person denies that there are … Continue reading 

If Oprah Winfrey Really Thinks Black Lives Matter She Should Protest Abortion

“In this time of pandemic panic, we don’t need hyperbole. We need honesty. Coronavirus is not “ravaging” the black community. Violent crime is. Fatherlessness is. Abortion is. Devotion to a political party that depends on perpetual narratives of victimhood is.” … Continue reading 

Oprah’s Spiritual Guru Running for President: ‘Inviting the American People to Get Deep with Me’

She added that being “someone to articulate what’s really happening, the deeper levels of our moral dysfunction” is her “qualification for the presidency at this time.” (Bridget Johnson – PJ Media)  Oprah’s spiritual adviser launched her campaign for the Democratic … Continue reading 

Concerns Raised as Hillsong’s Carl Lentz Praises Oprah Winfrey After Appearance on Super Soul Sunday

Christian News Network reports: Hipster Hillsong NYC leader Carl Lentz has drawn concerns over the past week after he posted a photograph on social media announcing his upcoming appearance on Oprah Winfrey’s “Super Soul Sunday” television broadcast. “I really enjoyed … Continue reading 

Oprah Winfrey now playing god?

Apprising Ministries brings you the latest on the upcoming movie The Shack and shows you why Oprah, who’s as “Christian” as DeePak Chopra, playing god in the movie is actually consistent with her religious belief system. Do yourself a favor, … Continue reading