Heresy Alert! Steven Furtick Says Whatever God is, ‘You Are Too’

‘God is perfect. God is sinless. God is omnipresent. God is omnipotent. God is omniscient. God is omnibenevolent. God is a million other things that we are not, and any suggestion to the contrary is rank heresy.’ (Protestia) Steven Furtick … Continue reading 

Steven Furtick Sells Tickets for Worship Service Tour for Hundreds of Dollars Each

Steven Furtick is a perfect example of what Jude tells us in verse 12, “These are spots in your feasts of charity, when they feast with you, feeding themselves without fear: clouds they are without water, carried about of winds; … Continue reading 

Would you Pay $2480.30 For Tickets to a Steven Furtick/ Elevation Worship Concert?

“Steven Furtick is the Lead Pastor of Elevation Church. As head of a Southern Baptist-associated, 25,000-member multisite campus with 17 locations, he is known for having the term “narcigesis” (narcissistic exegesis) named after him based on his inability to exegete … Continue reading 

Steven Furtick’s Mentor, T.D. Jakes Joins Scientologist for ‘Prosperity Conference’

“To them, God is nothing more than a genie in a bottle.” (The Dissenter) The prosperity gospel is far more nefarious than just believing that God will grant you health and wealth if you have enough faith. The prosperity gospel … Continue reading 

Steven Furtick and Other Heretics Win ‘Christian Music’ Dove Awards for 2021

“The commercialized Christian music industry not only enables this idolatry but promotes it to the degree that God’s glory is robbed from Him at many levels, including in churches. The vast majority of Christian contemporary music is produced by celebrity … Continue reading 

81,000 Words!? An Analysis of Steven Furtick’s Last 10 Sermons Should End His Career

“Stay far away from this deceitful man who rejects God’s word for his own popularity.”  (Protestia)  An analysis of the 10 hours of ‘Pastor’ Steven Furtick’s sermons has revealed woeful unfaithfulness to the scriptures and a watered-down message of sin … Continue reading 

Steven Furtick Screams ‘I Am God Almighty!’ In Wild Sermon

(Protestia)  “Pastor” Steven Furtick declared himself to be “God Almighty” during a recent sermon, taking his most bold venture into rehashing the warped “little god” theology of yesteryear, except with a twist, dropping the little “god” and going for the … Continue reading 

Steven Furtick Says it’s Impossible to Believe Jesus is Lord Without a Doubt, Tells Staff Never to Say it

“Furtick, of course, preaches in opposition to the Scriptures, which says that those who doubt are double-minded, unstable, and should expect not to receive anything from the Lord.” (Jeff Maples – Reformation Charlotte)  Steven Furtick is more than just a … Continue reading