Megan Basham Beats up David French, Russell Moore on Tucker Carlson Show

(Protestia) Tucker Carlson continues to host a series of prominent Christian guests on his show, including Doug Wilson earlier this week. In a new segment, Carlson had on author and journalist Megan Basham, discussing the recent anti-Christian Nationalist flick ‘God & Country’ … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson: The 2020 Election Was ‘100 Percent Stolen’ From President Trump

(Matt Margolis – PJ Media) In an interview with Russian-American computer scientist and podcaster Lex Fridman, Tucker Carlson declared that the 2020 presidential election was “100% stolen” and explained why. “You said to some degree the election was rigged,” Fridman … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson Makes Grave Prediction for 2024… And He’s Probably Right

“You’ve got two people running for president — one of them is literally senile,” Carlson said before noting that he doesn’t actually believe Biden is in charge of anything, “yet he’s standing for reelection at the age of 80.”  (Matt … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson: Abortion Not ‘Political Debate’ but a ‘Spiritual Battle’

“But when you wind up in an election where the two top ballot initiatives, are one, encouraging people to kill their own kids, and two, encouraging their kids to do drugs — who’s benefiting here?” (Katherine Hamilton – Breitbart) Tucker Carlson … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson Gives Stunning Interview: ‘Our System Is Collapsing in Real Time’

“Why aren’t most Americans getting that view? Because, according to Carlson, the establishment media is profoundly corporate and wholly uninterested in presenting it.” (C. Douglas Golden – The Western Journal) Are we watching the global order that took shape after … Continue reading 

Devon Archer to Tucker Carlson: Biden Brand Is ‘Abuse of Soft Power’

(Breitbart) The Biden brand is an “abuse of soft power,” Devon Archer told Tucker Carlson during an interview released Wednesday on Twitter. Archer was Hunter Biden’s best friend in business. Together they sat on Burisma Holding’s board and co-founded BHR … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson Destroys Mike Pence, Asa Hutchinson Campaigns. Who Came Out On Top?

“One can only imagine that Trump would have performed well in an interview with Tucker Carlson.” (Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Earlier this week, we reported that Donald Trump was skipping the Family Leadership Summit in Iowa. Six presidential … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson tells Russell Brand he was fired from Fox News right before revealing Jan 6 riot was ‘filled’ with feds

(Post Millennial) Former Fox News host Tucker Carlson dropped a massive bombshell during his recent guest appearance on the Stay Free podcast, telling show host Russell Brand that the crowd outside of the US Capitol at the time when riots took place on Jan. 6, … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson Makes Chilling Prediction About 2024

(Matt Margolis – PJ Media) In the latest episode of Tucker on Twitter, former Fox News host Tucker Carlson made a rather bold prediction about the 2024 election. Carlson pointed out that the recently released WhatsApp messages from Hunter Biden … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson Lawyer Harmeet Dhillon Stops Appearing on FOX News, Urges Republican Lawmakers to do the Same

“Conservative commentator Matt Walsh recently commented on Twitter that this could be the downfall of FOX” (Mike LaChance – The Gateway Pundit) Harmeet Dhillon used to be a regular guest on multiple FOX News shows, but no more. She is … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson Weighs in on Trump Indictment

“This, Tucker notes, is the  “destruction of our democracy,” and it should trouble everyone, regardless of whether they support Trump or hate him.” (Matt Margolis – PJ Media) Last week, Tucker Carlson debuted his new show, Tucker on Twitter. That premiere … Continue reading 

Bongino: Tucker Carlson Story Takes Interesting Turn – ‘Somebody’s Going to Have to Explain What’s Going On’

One of the strangest aspects of the story, Bongino said, is that Fox News is suffering horribly in the ratings as a result of its actions against Carlson. It’s not just a “lose-lose” situation. It’s a lose-really, really lose scenario … Continue reading 

Tucker Carlson Calls Out the ‘Professional Christians’

“As high profile as are those “professional Christians,” and given the relatively large platform with which they are blessed, we can be almost certain that if they were speaking the truth on religious liberty, the evil LGBT agenda, and the … Continue reading