How Joel Osteen Stays Relevant

Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, is taking his Night of Hope event to Denver, Colorado this Friday, 1 June. Anticipating this visit, The Denver Post published a brief write-up and interview with the popular prosperity preacher. … Continue reading 

John MacArthur Rebukes Joel Osteen

Apprising Ministries warns that the next heretical Word Faith preacher who is going to get a pass into mainstream evangelicalism is Joel Osteen. John MacArthur tells it precisely as it is and demonstrates the proper Christian reaction to Osteen.

John MacArthur on Roman Catholicism, Billy Graham, and ‘Evangelical’ Inclusivism

Ken Silva posted this short piece back in 2012 to warn the Church about evangelical inclusivism. “There are those who feel that reporting on issues like this brings pleasure, well, it truly doesn’t,” Ken wrote, clearly disheartened over apostate evangelical … Continue reading