The Chosen backers mock biblical opposition with devil ‘satire’

It should be very concerning to Bible believing Christians that The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints a.k.a Mormonism, is heavily involved in the production of The Chosen. Mormonism is a pseudo-Christian cult. Mormons are not true believers. How do I know that? Because I researched what the church teaches about God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Trinity, the Atonement and Salvation. The beliefs they hold do not come from Sacred Scripture. Mormon doctrine is the brainchild of founder and so-called prophet Joseph Smith. And yet Dallas Jenkins, creator of the series and a professing Christian, made a pact with the devil to produce The Chosen. Continue reading

I’m The Rapid Response Social Worker Who Replaced The Police

(David Marcus – The Federalist)  I’m not gonna lie, this isn’t exactly what I expected — lying here in the hospital. I mean, it’s only a few broken bones, a punctured lung, and some stitches to the head, but I almost feel betrayed. Three weeks ago when I took the five-hour online course to become an unarmed rapid response social worker, I thought I was helping mankind. After all, with the police abolished, somebody had to be there to mitigate when people had inevitable disagreements. Continue reading

Dear Christian: Stop It!!

If we are supposed to listen to a guy talk about “life lessons,” “relationship skills,” and “practical advice for successful living” at a church worship service, wouldn’t there be Bible verses in the New Testament where we (the church) are taught that? How is that even a “worship service?” Is a motivational speech really the same thing as hearing from God’s Word?

(Steven Kozar – Messed Up Church)  There are lots of things that Christians believe that are not in the Bible. At all. Continue reading

An Interview with Western Civilization

Lee Duigon offers a satirical look at what he views could cause the death of Western Civilization.

[Transcript of last night’s broadcast of “Eternity Today”]

HOST: Welcome, welcome to another “Eternity Today,” the show that has the whole afterlife talking! I’m your host, Monty Griffin; and please give a warm welcome to tonight’s special guest, Western Civilization. [Applause. Exchange of pleasantries.] Continue reading

A New Years Thank You Note From The Evangelical Industrial Complex

What is the Evangelical Industrial Complex (EIC)? Some Christians believe that a powerful evangelical “celebrity machine” exists in the visible Church. What exaclty is the EIC?  According to Major publishers of Christian books, music, and other media as alleged to be secretly, if informally, in league to promote and support selected high-profile Christian pastors, preachers, authors, and musicians in order to continue to make money from sales of books and other media products. Such promotion and support is alleged to be behind the downplaying or eliminating of any criticism or scandal that touches these high-profile Christian leaders.

Over at Messed Up Church, blogger Steven Kozar has penned a thank you note from the EIC — it’s satire:  Continue reading

A Hyper-Charismatic Guide to Losing your Mind

(Steven Kozar – Messed Up Church) If you want to abandon your Christian faith and become mentally unstable, just follow these simple steps:

    • “It all starts with a Dream! A God-Sized Dream!” To get started, you must believe that God expects you to dream up some outlandish desire in order to accomplish your Destiny. Because if you attempt to “do the impossible,” God will miraculously answer your prayers and thus “get all the glory.” You must take risks, step out in faith, and do something impossible.

Continue reading

The Fortune-Telling ‘Encounter Gospel’ of Bethel & the NAR Explained

(Steven Kozar – Museum of Idolatry) Tired of getting no results with old-fashioned, Bible-based Christianity? It’s time to go off the map with Bill Johnson, Kris Vallotton and all of their New Apostolic Reformation friends! In this first episode of this series we will focus on the fortune-telling aspect of the “Encounter Gospel,” so get out your tarot cards, oops… I mean get out your Destiny Cards and let’s get started! Here’s a quick summary of the new and better Gospel of the Kingdom:

    • People aren’t really that bad, they just need to be convinced of how special they are-they need to understand their “true identity.”
    • Religion is the real source of people’s problems, not rebellion against God (sin).
    • God is desperately trying to get people to “accept” Him, but He’s been hindered by the historic Christian Church, with its specific, Biblical teachings about Salvation, Heaven and Hell, The Atonement of Jesus Christ, and all other forms of unnecessary “head knowledge” found in the Bible.
    • People would believe in God if they could just see some proof for themselves.
    • Bethel teaches how to give people the proof they need to believe that God is real, He loves them, and He wants all of their dreams to come true so they can fulfill their “Destiny.” Continue reading

The ‘Bethel Board’-Encounter God With This New Game! (No, it’s NOT a Ouija Board, You Religious Pharisee)

Is there a link between Bethel Church in Redding CA and occultism as some discernment ministries have been reporting (here)? Steven Kozar of Messed Up Church presents the shocking evidence that the claims made by discerners are indeed true. Here’s Kozar’s report:

We all know how important it is to have massive encounters with God, right? Well, now it can be fun, too! Introducing the brand new board game from Bethel Church in Redding, California: “The Bethel Board!” (And it’s just in time for Christmas!) View article →

How to Ignore “Discernment Bloggers” and Remain Comfortably Clueless

Steve Kozar of Messed Up Church offers 7 ways for professing Christians to rebuff “discernment bloggers” in order to hang on to beliefs not found in Scripture, should they so choose.  Here are his suggestions:

discernment-3Want to stay comfortable in your (theologically shallow & Biblically illiterate) Christian beliefs? Even if those beliefs are not really based on God’s Word?? Of course you do! Here’s a guide that will keep you in the dark, and will help you to avoid the bothersome content of whichever discernment bloggers are currently bugging you:

  1. Start with this assumption: There aren’t any false teachers. With this handy starting point everything else falls comfortably into place. Just tell yourself that people who proclaim a different Gospel are just… different. It’s like the difference between hotdogs and hamburgers. If there are no false teachers, then it logically follows that all discernment bloggers are wrong. Now you won’t have to consider what they say!

  2. Go with the group. If the majority agrees with you, you must be right. Remember, Jesus wants you to follow the most popular teachers, even when they twist the Bible. Discernment bloggers are not popular, so they must be wrong. Now you won’t have to consider what they say!

  3. Lump them all together. It’s true: some discernment bloggers are too extreme and exaggerate too much, or they go off on some crazy bunny trails; therefore you can ignore everything that every discernment blogger says (see points 1 & 2).

View article →

How to make the Bible support any sexual practice in 3 easy steps

Writing for The Federalist, Lutheran Pastor Hans Fiene, who is the creator of Lutheran Satire, has come up with three simple steps “that will help you pave the next mile of the Sexual Liberation Expressway and get those Bible-believing bigots off the road.”

LGBTIn the not-too-distant future, when the transgender wars are over and the stick figure placards for male and female bathrooms have been thrown in the dustbin of history, the sexual progressives will need a new sexual practice to de-stigmatize. Whether it’s incestuous marriage or some other long-oppressed form of sexual expression, the new cause will emerge, desperately in need of a defense. On that day, we will need a liberated theologian to rise from the muck of church prejudice and explain away all those pesky passages of the Bible that prevent dimwitted bigots from embracing the new orthodoxy.

While this task may seem daunting, it can actually be carried out with ease if you follow the very simple formula given to us by Eliel Cruz. In a recent article for The Washington Post, Cruz argues Christians have no legitimate grounds on which to oppose transgenderism because the erroneously-interpreted-for-2,000-years Bible actually praises the practice.

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Hitchin’ A Ride With God

You say you’re tired of hearing about how God’s a veritable Chatty Cathy with others, but He doesn’t seem to be speaking directly to you.

Well, Apprising Ministries brings you a Seeker Driven leader who claims to know a fool-proof way to hear from God and to know where He’s working. View article →