Oliver Thomas @USATODAY Says the American Church Got it Wrong on Gay People—And He’s Right

“After all, the entire op-ed piece engages in a good deal of ethical finger-wagging. Thomas is chiding (quite severely) the church for its moral failures.  To make such a claim, you better have some moral code to back it up.”

(Michael J. Kruger – Cannon Fodder)  By now, many readers will have seen (or even read) the rather brazen op-ed piece in USA Today by retired mainline pastor, Oliver Thomas. In short, the article argues that the American church has been wrong about gay people because they’ve been wrong about something else. The church has been wrong about the Bible.

Turns out the Bible is not true after all.

So, argues Thomas, once we get that pesky Bible out of the picture, we are free to approve homosexuality as right and good. And once we do that, then our churches—which have been bleeding members for years—will finally grow again.

Of course, Thomas is not the first one to try to make Christianity compatible with homosexuality. But, most others try to do it by arguing that we’ve merely  misunderstood the Bible. Once we interpret it rightly, it turns out the Bible is actually for homosexuality.

But not Thomas. His argument is more simple: the Bible just got it wrong.  View article →


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