Warning about ‘The Bible Project’

As Hughes makes clear, The Bible Project, despite many wonderful videos, is not to be recommended. Omit propitiation and you have a different doctrine of the atonement. A different atonement means a different Jesus.”

(John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire)  “Hell–or evil or sin, the various names it’s called in the Bible–is something that humans have created.” — Tim Mackie, creator of The Bible Project (9:35 in video)


This morning we discovered the The Bible Project. We  watched the teaching about the prophet Ezekiel. It was so well done, so clear in its graphics and explanation, that we were bowled over. So bowled over that the link was sent out to others.

We were pretty excited. But after doing some research, we realized The Bible Project should not be recommended–rather people should be warned. Mackie’s claim (given on his podcast) that “humans have created” hell is not the worst of it. View article →


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Book Recommendation

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