Al Mohler, Asleep at the Wheel, Finally Explains Why Christians Must Support Trump

“Citing Donald Trump’s commitment to and record of actually carrying out the pro-life policies he promised in his 2016 campaign, Mohler admits that Trump has made a believer out of him and now vows to vote for him in 2020, despite having voted against him in 2016.”  

Al Mohler, president of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary and arguably the most influential leader in the entire Southern Baptist Convention, is well-known for leading from behind and speaking out after…it’s too late to make a difference….

Mohler spent years while the “racial justice” movement swept the denomination from its conservative roots right out from under his own feet and allowed it to happen. While others had been warning about this movement for years — citing Marxist ideology cloaked in Christian terminology — Mohler was silent. It wasn’t until the movement had all but caused the denomination to split before he finally began to speak to the issue.

Once again, Mohler is leading from behind and after years of Southern Baptists denouncing Donald Trump over his “character flaws” and vowing to support the Democrat party instead, Mohler is finally speaking out with some clarity on why Christians must reject the party of infanticide. View article →


Trump vs. Biden: A Rundown

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