A Pandemic In Christendom: Calling Out Evangelical Compromise In The Church

(Ken Ham) As we started the year with the theme, “Waking up the Church,” I want to end the year with some shocking quotes that one would think would help wake up the church! Consider this question: are you totally sure of the virgin birth?

Did you know one well-known academic in the Christian world is only “reasonably confident” that Jesus was born of a virgin? This same person rejects a literal Adam and Eve, that Adam was made from dust, that Eve was made from Adam, that there was a literal tree of the knowledge of good and evil, a literal fruit, and a literal serpent….

He also says it’s not important to insist on the inerrancy of Scripture! Oh, and yes, this person believes in millions of years and evolutionary ideas. Yet he is considered by many to be in the mainstream of evangelical Christianity! Would you consider this person to be in the mainstream of evangelical orthodoxy?   View article →

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