Christians Must Protest Pride Parades and Their Violent, Sodom-like, Riotous Stonewall Origin

(Grant Van Leuven – Place for Truth) During this month, as the LGBTQ+ community annually parades its banner colors they blasphemously hijack from God’s noahic covenant, Christians will benefit revisiting Genesis 19:1-25 (as Carl Trueman has recently called for in this World Magazine article). Here, God visited Sodom and destroyed the sexually wicked majority while mercifully rescuing the righteous remnant within it.

Look to Lot as your example of righteous living amidst wickedness.

Lot responded to the angels’ presence exactly like his uncle Abraham, with reverence, deference, supplication, faith, and obedience.  While in the midst of a diseased orchard of wickedness, yet Lot grew and produced different fruit while righteously grieving over the filthy debauchery of his neighbors (2 Peter 2:7-8). View article →

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