Unholy trio: ‘God Calling’ spiritually influenced ‘Jesus Calling’ and Alcoholics Anonymous

“Many Christians are rightfully concerned over A.A.’s “higher power” definition of “God,” where “God” can be anything or everything. This, of course, is A.A.’s 3rd Step. Equal concern should be given to A.A.’s 11th Step–the meditation step.” (John Lanagan – … Continue reading 

Sharing Christ with those who worship idols

“In A.A. one often hears about alcoholism being a “spiritual disease.” It is more accurate to see Alcoholics Anonymous as the  spiritual disease, because it has pointed millions away from the Christ of the Bible, and watered down the beliefs … Continue reading 

God of Isaiah vs. the ‘higher power’

“In Alcoholics Anonymous, most Christians will experience a transference of faith. The twelve-step experience often becomes an idol. It is not uncommon to speak with Christians who are more concerned with “recovery” than sanctification and who demonstrate a preference for … Continue reading 

Mother Goddess of The Shack and AA’s higher power’

In the Fall of the Evangelical Nation, secular author Christine Wicker credits Alcoholics Anonymous with “hastening the fall of the evangelical church.” (John Lanagan – The Word Like Fire)  Hath a nation changed their gods, which are yet no gods? but my people have … Continue reading