Kenneth Copeland Mixes His Own ‘Blood’ With Jesus’ and Drinks It During Communion?

(Protestia) When arch-heretic Kenneth Copeland is not giving false prophecies about COVID being destroyed, throwing someone in a wheelchair to the floor, casting away bald spots in Jesus name, or even running his own bizzaro Bible college, the world’s richest prosperity preacher in … Continue reading 

Kenneth Copeland Prophesies, Says God is Giving Heidi Baker the United States

“Her claim to Apostolic authority is deeply troubling. The Bible clearly teaches that the office of Apostle was reserved for the twelve apostles chosen by Jesus, and that no one can claim to be an apostle today. Heidi Baker’s claim … Continue reading 

Trump Attempts to Woo Evangelicals With False Prophet, Kenneth Copeland, Fails Miserably

“Kenneth Copeland, a self-appointed prophet and a literal circus clown disguised as a pastor, is known for his many many outlandish claims including multiple false prophecies about COVID-19 coming to an end. Copeland is a multi-millionaire who has made his fortune off … Continue reading 

Not Satire: Russian Group Hacks Kenneth Copeland -Demands Ransom or Will Release 1.2tb of ‘Sensitive’ Information

(Protestia)  In a story that is stranger than fiction, the Russian hacking group REvil announced that they’ve successfully hacked into Kenneth Copeland Ministries and have stolen 1.2 terabytes of “sensitive data.” As a result, they are threatening to release it … Continue reading 

The Winner’s Chapel and The King’s College

MinistryWatch’s Warren Cole Smith’s comments on one or more stories in the week’s news. Prosperity Gospel on Steroids.  I started hearing about David Oyedepo a few years ago, as I was doing research for a trip to Liberia to cover the … Continue reading 

Mike Winger Goes Full Ben Shapiro On Bill Johnson, Bethel Redding

“Winger will mention the various New Age practices that Bethel has indulged in over the years, including the counterfeit miracles, false prophecies, tarot cards, and fabricated visits to heaven throughout the video [which] begs the question why he defended Bill … Continue reading 

Will Mike Winger Finally Call Bill Johnson a False Teacher?

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) Finally—it happened. Internet pastor Mike Winger called Bill Johnson a heretic for the crime of having Kenneth Copeland speak at Bethel Church. His eyes were opened that Bill Johnson and Kris Vallotton would proudly associate … Continue reading 

In Epic Act of Nepotism, Anti-Trinitarian Heretic TD Jakes Passes Torch to His Daughter as He ‘Slays Her in the Spirit’

“Jakes also once gave his fellow charlatan, Steven Furtick, a bronze statue of David because, Jakes said, the giant was “under his feet.” In return, Furtick claps and cheers as Jakes sexually degrades his wife from the pulpit and Furtick says his kids … Continue reading 

Tim Tebow, Priscilla Shirer Team Up for ‘Multi-Million Dollar’ Prosperity Gospel Event

(The Dissenter) The prosperity gospel is arguably the second-most nefarious and subversive false gospel plaguing the American Church today, right behind the social justice gospel. The prosperity gospel teaches that God is, in a sense, a genie in a bottle, … Continue reading 

Charlie Kirk, TPUSA Host ‘Pastors Summit’ Headlined by Atheist

The atheist isn’t the only one that should be avoided. Others include David Barton of Wall Builders and Sean Feucht of Bethel Church. Chris Rosebrough of Fighting for the Faith once said about Barton: Dave Barton…is flat out deceitful…he needs … Continue reading 

America’s richest pastor avoids $150,000 in annual taxes on a $7 million Texas mansion that he said God told him to build

(Bill Bostock – Yahoo News) America’s wealthiest pastor avoided paying more than $150,000 in annual taxes on his $7 million Texas mansion, according to the Houston Chronicle. Kenneth Copeland, a famous televangelist who founded Eagle Mountain International Church, built a … Continue reading 

Steven Furtick Screams ‘I Am God Almighty!’ In Wild Sermon

(Protestia)  “Pastor” Steven Furtick declared himself to be “God Almighty” during a recent sermon, taking his most bold venture into rehashing the warped “little god” theology of yesteryear, except with a twist, dropping the little “god” and going for the … Continue reading 

Christian publishing houses are advancing the apostasy pandemic in the Church

(Marsha West – Christian Research Network)  Dr. David F. Wells lamented that he has watched “with growing disbelief as the evangelical church has cheerfully plunged into astounding theological illiteracy.” How can a believer in Jesus Christ plunge into biblical illiteracy?  … Continue reading 

Exposing Charismatic False Teacher, Jack Hayford

Jack Hayford is a major co-conspirator with Rick Warren of the first order. And because of this Scripture (and many more), I am compelled to both mark him and expose him before the whole church: 2 John 1:10: If there come any … Continue reading 

It’s well past time for Pat Robertson to ‘move on’

“It is at best an embarrassment on par with fellow televangelist Rick Wiles and his meatless burger conspiracy, Paula White’s incoherent babbling, and Kenneth Copeland’s freakish laughing fits. At worst, it’s blasphemy.” (Peter Heck – Disrn) I admit to always cringing … Continue reading