Christianity Today Staff Made Extensive Campaign Donations Between 2015 And 2022…All Went To Democrats

“The fact that modern CT staff have financially supported pro-abortion, pro-sexual perversion candidates does not surprise me at all. The magazine long ago lost its biblical moorings and has been under the influence of progressives and leftists for years. It’s … Continue reading 

Deborah Birx Promotes Pro Abortion AIDS Relief at Christianity Today

“PEPFAR is nothing but another perpetual government waste program, so why should a generation of Americans Christians be rallied to the cause, especially one that was sold through hyperbolic alarmism?” (Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Horse) Covid brought many vile … Continue reading 

Lies Abound in Liberal Christianity Today’s Rehashed Smear Piece on John MacArthur

In the same post, Cho hinted at “other GCC matters that have come to [his] attention,” and issued a coy threat that he may or may not go public with them depending on “the nature and extent of the response … Continue reading 

‘Christianity Today’ Rocked By Scandal, Say ‘Sexual Harassment Went Unchecked’ at Company For Decade

“Imagine our non-surprise when they released an article today, explaining the toxic culture that permeated the organization for years” (Protestia) We haven’t always been nice to Christianity Today, and with good reason. They are the progressive rag known for giving a … Continue reading 

Russell Moore Leaves the ERLC, Jumps Ship to Even More Progressive ‘Christianity Today’

“Christianity Today is the progressive rag known for giving a platform to every weird and liberally insidious bent. They came out swinging against the storming of Capitol Hill by laying the responsibility for the mayhem at the feet of the … Continue reading 

Christianity Today Says Jesus Taught us How to ‘Doubt Faithfully,’ We’re Saved by His Doubts

“This view of God is actually a perversion that is found throughout the seeker-sensitive prosperity gospel movement. Steven Furtick pushes the same idea of “faithful doubting.” This demotes Jesus to one who is man only at times, rather than God … Continue reading 

Christianity Today Lays Responsibility For Violence at Feet of ‘White American Church’

“Naturally, this post was co-signed by a host of fellow progressives, with Beth Moore being no exception.” (Protestia) Christianity Today, the progressive rag known for giving a platform to every weird and liberally insidious bent, has come out swinging against the … Continue reading 

Christianity Today Reports On Claims Of Ravi Zacharias’s Sexual Misconduct At Spas

Graphic Content “CT has verified the identities and job histories of the three women. They shared their stories under the condition that they not be named, fearing the stigma of coming forward as victims and possible retribution for harming the … Continue reading 

Former Christianity Today Editor and Trump Critic Mark Galli Converts to Roman Catholicism

“The Mass is a perfect Mark Galli service. There’s no singing. There are no hymns. The homily is five minutes. The whole service is 25 minutes. They give you a single thought, a single illustration, a quote, and you’re done. … Continue reading 

Contributing Editor for Christianity Today Faces Conflict of Interest Questions After Accepting Car From James MacDonald

“CT’s unusual coverage of the Harvest scandal doesn’t necessarily show collusion between Stetzer, MacDonald, and CT. But it certainly raises questions, especially in light of the gifted car. But it’s not just Stetzer’s position with CT that may present a … Continue reading 

‘Progressive’ Christianity—After Our Children and Grandchildren

(Beriit Kjos) Today’s “progressive” emerging churches have little love for the old certainties that have grounded genuine Christians in God’s revealed truth for 2000 years. They say those precious guidelines don’t fit the new dialectic and collective ways of thinking. … Continue reading 

Evangelical Leaders Who Denounced COVID ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Look Really Stupid Today

“The reality is that not only have these Evangelical “leaders” demonstrated a severe lack of discernment, but they have damaged the witness of the Church by propagating lies and slandering innocent people all in the name of “honoring God.” It’s … Continue reading 

Why It’s Impossible For Christianity To Ever Endorse Transsexuality

“In the beginning, when the Trinity (Father, Son, and Holy Spirit) decide to create humanity, They proclaim in Genesis 1:26: “Let us make [humanity] in our image, after our likeness.”… They are going to create something in nature that is “in … Continue reading 

Pope Meets Ayatollah Sistani, Holds the Christianity

(Robert Spencer – PJ Media)  Pope Francis went to Iraq today and met with Iraq’s principal Shi’ite leader, Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, and, according to the Associated Press, “delivered a powerful message of peaceful coexistence Saturday, urging Muslims in the … Continue reading