Max Lucado Affirms Mormon, Glenn Beck, as a Believer Whom The Holy Spirit Intercedes For With Prayer

“While we can appreciate a lot of the conservative political work that Glenn Beck does, it often becomes too easy to fall into the trap of believing that these people share the same religious convictions as we do—but we do … Continue reading 

Mormon, Glenn Beck, Says Billy Graham Told Him He Was Christian, Removed Mormonism From Cult Status

“If Billy Graham truly loved Glenn Beck, he would not have allowed him to walk away believing that he thought he was a true Christian.” (Reformation Charlotte) Glenn Beck was recently interviewed on the Michael Malice show where Malice asked … Continue reading 

Glenn Beck Chokes Up Over His Recollection of When Billy Graham Defended Him, a Mormon, as Being Christian

(Christian News Network) “When we were children, we were making fun of the devil, and Daddy stopped us and said, ‘Don’t make fun of the devil. He’s a good devil,’” Ruth recounted, laughing. “Daddy never said anything ugly about anybody. … It’s quite … Continue reading 

Controversial Christian historian David Barton…misinterpretations…errors…and Glenn Beck

By Marsha West “If your family homeschools, or if you send your kids to a Christian school, or even if you are actively involved in Republican politics, listen to talk radio, and consider yourself a TEA party oriented person, the … Continue reading 

The "God" Of Glenn Beck

Apprising Ministries reminds you that Mormon talk show host Glenn Beck is making the rounds and doing a little preaching in some ostensibly Christian megachurches. Here we take a look at official sources of the Church of Jesus Christ of … Continue reading