Is Louie Giglio A False Teacher?

“The Passion Conference is the leading source of evidence for Giglio’s association with false teachers. This association is more profound, because these are Giglio’s events. Currently the 2023 Passion Conference has the following questionable speakers that we know about.” (Ray … Continue reading 

Review: Louie Giglio’s Simple Pursuit: A Heart After Jesus (A Daily PASSION Devotional)

Bud Ahlheim of Pulpit & Pin reviews seeker-mergent guru Louie Giglio’s daily devotional that targets millennials. According to Ahlheim, Giglio often plucks verses out of context, “presumably because of their particular importance to the unidentified author and exposited in a … Continue reading 

Louie Giglio Twists Ezekiel 37 At Passion 2013

There’s been lots of talk about how Passion 2013 changed young people’s lives; but what were they taught? Apprising Ministries offers some salient commentary and then points you to Chris Rosebrough’s look at Louie Giglio’s marred message at Passion.

Louis Giglio, Passion 2013 & Jesus Culture

Apprising Ministries digs a little deeper into Jesus Culture, a ministry from Bill Johnson’s Bethel Church. Just wait until you see what Piper and Moore have helped expose your youth to.

Caution! Some beloved Christian VIPs navigate the sheep down the primrose path that can lead to a life of sin

By Marsha West – Christian Research Network Here I go again reporting on high-profile Christians who have shown a stunning lack of biblical discernment. I’ll begin by defining spiritual discernment and then I’ll name names. According to Got Questions discernment … Continue reading 

The Business of Church Music: Examining the Legal Structure of Worship Ministries and Practice of Pastors Operating as Music Producers

“It boils down to two concepts diametrically opposed to each other. One is the concept of Christ, a blood-bought salvation, living in eternal relationship with a loving, caring God. That concept is in opposition to another called merchandising.” (Barry Bowen … Continue reading 

David Platt Joins Rank Heretics for Conference That Promotes a False Gospel

“The IF:Gathering conference has been a blemish on the Evangelical Church since it started in 2014 hosting people from nearly every aberrant theological sect of Christendom while avoiding any actual gospel content. The annual conference exists to advance the “woke … Continue reading 

Lecrae Responds to Chick-fil-A CEO’s Shoe-shining Stunt, Calls it Virtue Signaling

“One of the things I was trying to communicate to him was…we can’t be doing this virtue-signaling of just having conversations about race so it look like we’re on the page. We really gotta be about this.” (Jeff Maples – … Continue reading 

Passion Conference: Parents barred from attending, errant teachings introduced, false teachers lauded, and more. Linkapalooza inside

Elizabeth Prata has blogged about her concerns before, as you will see in the links she provides at the end of her piece. Before we get to her major concerns, I must remind you that in 2012 CRN reported that … Continue reading