Dr. Fauci Knows Masks Don’t Work- Wear Them Anyway

“Fauci did a lot of damage pushing the masks, basically forcing mandates even though he claims they only recommend. They recommended knowing they’d become mandates.” (Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) Dr. Fauci’s back to telling people to wear masks based … Continue reading 

With new evidence, Congress unmasks a multi-year government plot to protect Biden, sully Trump

“There were investigations open that should not have been opened. There were Americans being spied on, officials of a political campaign for president were being spied on, just based on political preferences of those in charge. And we cannot have … Continue reading 

WH Brings Back Face Masks, Social Distancing for the Unvaccinated

“Masking guidance: Fully vaccinated guests are not required to wear a mask on the White House grounds. Guests who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask at all times and maintain at least six feet distance from others while … Continue reading 

Masks offer ‘small’ benefit against COVID, increased CO2 may be tied to stillbirths

“A much longer ongoing review of mask effectiveness against viral transmission, both COVID and influenza, found masks “probably make little to no difference” based on RCTs, the most rigorous form of scientific evidence.” (Greg Piper – Just the News) The … Continue reading 

NY Times: Masks Don’t Work – It Doesn’t Matter What Kind

What about the studies that initially persuaded policymakers to impose mask mandates? “They were convinced by nonrandomized studies, flawed observational studies.” (Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) The NY Times finally admitted that masks don’t work, and it doesn’t matter what kind of … Continue reading 

Biden COV Doc: ‘No Study…Shows that Masks Work that Well’

“A study in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a widely cited and influential medical journal, published a randomized trial comparing fit-tested N95s versus medical-grade masks to prevent COVID infection. This test was performed on healthcare workers (who would most likely use … Continue reading 

Rigorous international study of N95 masks upends federal COVID narrative

(Greg Piper – Just the News) The CDC took nearly two years to formally recognize distinctions between masks for mitigating COVID-19 spread, finally saying in January that cloth masks offer “the least” protection and N95 respirators, which meet strict federal standards, “the … Continue reading 

Masks fail their biggest test in Bangladesh

The mask mandate was lifted yesterday: The White House Surrenders on Mask Mandate for Public Transportation. On April 14 Steve Kirsch published an article he wrote on the ineffectiveness of masks on the spread of SARS-CoV-2. According to Kirsch, “Masks … Continue reading 

‘Cloth Masks Are Little More Than Facial Decorations’: CNN Medical Analyst

Wen’s statement is also reminiscent of an email Fauci sent in early 2020 saying “The typical mask you buy in the drug store is not really effective in keeping out virus, which is small enough to pass through the material.” (Spencer Brown … Continue reading 

Rick Warren Suggests Pastors Who Open Their Churches are Egotistical, Wearing Masks is ‘Loving Your Neighbor’

“The Bible says ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ The most practical way right now you can love your neighbor as yourself, wear a mask. Okay? And to not wear one basically says, ‘I don’t care about you, or I don’t … Continue reading 

47 studies confirm ineffectiveness of masks for Covid and 32 more confirm their negative health effects

(LifeSiteNews) – Prior to facemask mandates as an alleged preventive for Covid infection and transmission, such masks were infrequently worn in hospitals and other medical facilities. They were only used in operating theatres or for visiting seriously ill patients in … Continue reading 

A Group Of Parents Sent Their Kids’ Face Masks to A Lab for Analysis. Here’s What They Found

(Scott Morefield – Townhall)  We’ve been told for well over a year that widespread forced public masking should be implemented because, even if only moderately to slightly to negligibly effective at curbing the spread of COVID-19, there are ZERO drawbacks. … Continue reading 

The Relentless 9-Year Assault on Jack Phillips Unmasks the True Threat of the ‘Equality Act’

(Tyler O’Neil – PJ Media)  Nine years ago, a gay couple went into Masterpiece Cakeshop and asked baker Jack Phillips to craft a cake to celebrate their same-sex wedding. Phillips refused, based on his Christian conviction that marriage is between … Continue reading 

CDC Study Finds Overwhelming Majority Of People Getting Coronavirus Wore Masks

The report suggests that “direction, ventilation, and intensity of airflow might affect virus transmission, even if social distancing measures and mask use are implemented according to current guidance.” (Jordan Davidson – The Federalist)  A Centers for Disease Control report released in … Continue reading 

Head of CDC Admits Lockdown Killing Way More Americans Than COVID! Urges Masks. When Will These People Be Held Accountable for the Carnage They’ve Caused?

“The CDC’s press release also skipped over the inconvenient fact that, just like the deadly state-enforced social isolation they pushed, even if masks do slow down the spread of COVID-19, they still won’t do a thing to decrease the number … Continue reading