Matt Chandler and Other Southern Baptist Leaders Have Enabled and Empowered Islamic Radicals

“The article from Matt Chandler’s church promotes an approach towards Muslims that, while claiming to be grounded in Christian love and openness, is nothing more than an act of submission to radical Islam. It stresses entering into relationships with Muslims … Continue reading 

Matt Chandler Expels Church After Pastors Criticize Acts 29 for Promotion of Transgenderism

(The Dissenter) Earlier this year, The Dissenter reported on the expulsion of Pastors Chase Davis and Matt Patrick from the Acts 29 Network exposing a critical juncture in the Network’s trajectory, one that warranted a close examination. As we reported earlier this … Continue reading 

Matt Chandler to Join Revoice ‘Gay Christianity’ Founder for Conference

“America has completely embraced a revolutionary sexual ethic that far surpasses even the worst descriptions of sexual anarchy in the Bible. Yet, every time I think humanity couldn’t sink any deeper into the muck and mire of its own depravity, … Continue reading 

Matt Chandler Returns to the Pulpit, Receives Standing Ovation + His Critics Go Nuts

“We’ve had our share of issues with Chandler in the past. We’ve been on the record saying that the leaky charismatic has been drifting for years (they cite several examples)…But this restoration? Nothing about the situation would indicate that it … Continue reading 

Evangelical Org Associated With SEBTS, TGC, CRU, and Matt Chandler Says Opposing Radical LGBTQ+ Indoctrination Brings Violence On One Another

This organization claims to be a Christian organization and has been embraced by many Evangelical leaders that we’re supposed to trust. And while blogs like The Dissenter have been sounding the alarm on her and her movement for years, we’ve … Continue reading 

How Matt Chandler’s Elders Violated Scripture

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) The announcement that Matt Chandler would be taking a leave of absence following allegedly inappropriate DMs came with little information opening the door to much speculation as to whether or not The Village Church is covering … Continue reading 

Lesbians, Racists, Charismatics, and Matt Chandler Headline 2022 IF Gathering Conference

“Why should Christians be concerned about this? After all, it’s just an aberrant movement that really has nothing to do with God. These people are outside of the Church, right? The only problem with that theory is that these are … Continue reading 

New Founders 14-Minute Trailer Accuses Matt Chandler and Other SBC Leaders of Abandoning Scripture

“Other targets of criticism include Jarvis Williams, a prominent and influential professor at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary (SBTS) under Al Mohler as well as Matthew Hall, the provost of SBTS — both staunch proponents of Critical Race Theory.” (Jeff Maples … Continue reading 

Matt Chandler & Other Evangelical Leaders Rejected TED Bloggers’ Pleas to Expose Harvest in 2012

“I’m heartened that Chandler may be changing his tune. But I am underwhelmed by his response. The failure by Chandler and his unnamed colleagues left thousands at the mercy of a vicious wolf, including Mahoney and Bryant. These leaders should … Continue reading 

Matt Chandler, Francis Chan with Hillsong, Jesus Culture at Yet Another Conference

“Even though this event is still a few months away, “Together 2018″ has done one thing very well already-they’re promoting this thing with unabashed confidence. Rarely have such ideals been promised so confidently by an event that surely cannot accomplish any … Continue reading