Charismatic Heavy Hitters Issue Statement Against Mike Bickle, Declare Him Permanently ‘Disqualified’

“Empathizing with Bickle’s victims and those affected by his wicked wandering, they lament that “this is a spiritual tragedy of international proportions, affecting millions of believers worldwide and bringing great dishonor to the name of Jesus as well as a … Continue reading 

Bethel’s Kris Vallotton Apologizes to Abuse Victims After Declaring His Love for Mike Bickle

“In his sermon, Valloton blasted the “culture of justice” that many in the church have regarding wanting to know the details of fallen leaders, including those who are “struggling” after multiple allegations of decades of predatory and pedophilic behavior.” (Protestia) … Continue reading 

IHOPKC Blasts Mike Bickle After Multiple Minors Accuse Him of Sexual Abuse: ‘His Predatory And Abusive Actions are Sick’

(Protestia) The International House of Prayer has issued a new apology after more allegations against false prophet and disgraced NAR rockstar Mike Bickle surfaced. IHOPKC released their most conciliatory and seemingly contrite statement yet, describing their founder’s actions as “predatory” and sick” … Continue reading 

IHOP Full Investigation Finds: ‘Mike Bickle engaged in inappropriate behavior including sexual contact and clergy misconduct, in an abuse of power’

(Protestia) The International House of Prayer has revealed the full results of the investigation report into the actions of founder and ‘prophet’ Mike Bickle. Prepared by Rosalee McNamara from the law firm Lathrop GPM, she says she was allowed unhindered … Continue reading 

International House of Prayer Gives Update on Mike Bickle Investigation, Warns It Will Take Time.

(Protestia) The embattled International House of Prayer in Kansas City has given a brief update on where they stand after expelling leader and founder Mike Bickle from their midsts following sexual misconduct allegations. Kurt Fuller, a retired major general who took … Continue reading 

Mike Bickle Turns Away Francis Chan+ Sam Storm Says He Believes ‘Jane Doe’

(Protestia) A longtime friend and supporter of Mike Bickle says he believes the allegations against the IHOPKC founder, and recounts a recent incident where Bickle turned away he and Francis Chan. Sam Storms, a member of the Council of The Gospel … Continue reading 

Breaking: IHOP Founder Mike Bickle Admits to ‘Inappropriate Behavior’ + Deflects, Deflects, Deflects

“He borrowed a play from Johnny Hunt, saying that his sexual sins and adultery were private and none of the business of his church and ministry, and that because he dealt with them privately, there was no reason to confess … Continue reading 

Mike Bickle Accused Of Sexual Misconduct, Denounced By IHOP

“IHOP refused to go into details. And while a married man in ministry committing adultery is bad enough, the framing of this issue as sex abuse raises multiple questions”. (Ray Fava Evangelical Dark Web) Mike Bickle is one of the … Continue reading 

More disturbing contemplative, Catholic comments from IHOP’s Mike Bickle

“Let me put it bluntly: Contemplative prayer results in spiritual blindness, and this is why “leaders” such as Rick Warren, Beth Moore, and Mike Bickle are simply unable to comprehend the vast difference between Catholic teaching and biblical Christianity.” (John … Continue reading 

John Piper Gives Glowing Endorsement to IHOPKC Heretic, Mike Bickle, Says Francis Chan

The lack of discernment among mainstream Evangelical leaders is beyond astonishing. The Scriptures are clear–even Satan himself disguises himself as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:!4). We don’t judge false teachers based on how nice they are–we judge them … Continue reading 

Why did Francis Chan and Mike Bickle promote the contemplative Henri Nouwen?

“Today I personally believe that while Jesus came to open the door to God’s house, all human beings can walk through that door, whether they know about Jesus or not. Today I see it as my call to help every … Continue reading 

SBC Leader and Mike Bickle Explain Why Fake Miracles Are Okay

In the video provided, Mike Bickle—who was a member of the Kansas City Prophets and a “General” in the New Apostolic Reformation, discusses the apostasy of several prominent ex-Christian celebrities. But it’s about halfway through the video that it gets … Continue reading 

IHOP-KC’s Mike Bickle: Powerful evangelist for contemplative prayer

John Lanagan of My Word Like Fire offers many reasons Bible believing Christians should not practice contemplative prayer or have any involvement in Christian mysticism which has its roots in Roman Catholicism, as you will see. According to International House … Continue reading 

“I Love Mike Bickle” says Francis Chan

Apprising Ministries provides you the video evidence of Chan’s public profession while speaking at IHOP this week. Chan also said he believes “there’s a lot of great things” going on at IHOP.