TV’s ‘The Chosen’ Director Dallas Jenkins Doubles Down on Controversial Mormon Comments, Straight up Lies

“Even if he wasn’t explicitly referring to the LDS community, which he was, unless his Mormon friends repudiate everything they believe about Jesus, then he is still wrong that his Mormon friends and partners believe in the same Jesus.”  (Protestia) … Continue reading 

PCA General Assembly Approves the Nashville Statement as a Faithful Declaration on Biblical Sexuality

In response to issues raised by Revoice and its impact in the PCA, the General Assembly approved, 803-541, the Nashville Statement; and the appointment of a study committee. (The Aquila Report)  At its 47th General Assembly meeting in Dallas, Texas, the … Continue reading 

Andy Stanley Says There’s No ‘Clear Divine Standard’ of God Revealed to Mankind

“The fact that Jesus didn’t believe that good people go to heaven, that doesn’t necessarily make it true. That’s just what He taught. And that’s what he said, and clearly, it’s what he believed.” (Protestia) North Point Community Church ‘impastor’ … Continue reading 

Christian Leaders Repudiate Branch Covidianism With Frankfurt Declaration

(Ray Fava – Evangelical Dark Web) It can be easily said that over the last two and a half years, the church has failed miserably in its response to lockdowns. Instead of telling the truth, the church capitulated to, if … Continue reading 

Al Mohler: No Surprise Compromise

Al Mohler…repented of his biblical view of sexuality by retracting earlier statements regarding sexual-orientation: “I got that wrong”  – “I repent of that.”   (Toni S. Brown – Jude 1:4)  There is much confusion in the aftermath of the Shepherd’s Conference 2019 Q & A … Continue reading 

Jesus Quotes ‘Book of Mormon’ In The Chosen Season 3

“As the series has gained popularity, its producers and actors have embraced ecumenism, with Jonathan Roumie and Dallas Jenkins visiting the Vatican to promote the series by meeting Pope Francis.”  (Paul Brown) A recently released trailer from season 3 of … Continue reading 

The Chosen Dilemma: Not a faithful film version of the gospel accounts

“Dallas Jenkins is clear that he is not a pastor, The Chosen is not the Church, and the story the series is telling is not the Bible. Fair enough. But whether he recognizes it or not, his celebrity status among … Continue reading 

Is God really the one behind ‘The Chosen,’ as the creator of the series declares?

(Marsha West – Christian Research Network)  Thousands of people, including many Christians, have tuned in to watch the series The Chosen. The series is about Jesus Christ and His disciples, both before and after their ministry began. The Chosen has been … Continue reading 

Purpose Driven Dismantling of Christianity (Reprise)

(Marsha West – Christian Research Network)  Posted below is part 3 of a column I wrote for RenewAmerica in 2011 in which I revealed that religious syncretism (a blending of many different belief systems) has virtually reshaped the visible Church.  I … Continue reading 

Christian authors blast Amazon for banning their books, selling pedophilia titles

“It is appalling that Amazon has banned books detailing how one struggling with unwanted same-sex attraction can overcome those feelings and steward his or her sexuality in a biblical fashion, while thinking nothing of selling books that celebrate the kind … Continue reading