The Gospel Coalition Publishes a False, Christless Gospel Using Only Taylor Swift Lyrics

(The Dissenter) In a bizarre modern trend, Evangelicals have taken a peculiar fascination with pop idols, Taylor Swift being the most recent glaring example. Whether it be Christianity Today’s assertion that Taylor Swift “brings Christians together,” churches finding pop stars like these more … Continue reading 

John MacArthur Blasts The Gospel Coalition: “Woke,” “Useless Entity,” “Like Christianity Astray”

(The Dissenter) We at The Dissenter have been warning about The Gospel Coalition (TGC) and its clones like Together for the Gospel (T4G) for years and years upon years and concluded that these organizations were compromised in such a way … Continue reading 

The Gospel Coalition Promotes Gay Christian YA Novel

Page 92 “…there is nothing wrong with those feelings. … There is nothing sinful about temptation alone – Jesus himself was tempted. It is what you do with those feelings that matters.” This is not biblical because homosexual attractions are … Continue reading 

Exposing The Gospel Coalition’s Liberal Bible Commentary On Creation

Usually theological liberals try to argue that there are two creation accounts, that days should be translated as eras, or some sort of God-guided Darwinian evolution. The Gospel Coalition instead argues that the entire seven-day framework is an analogy. They are … Continue reading 

The Gospel Coalition’s 2022 Best Movies List is Full of Graphic Sex and Nudity

Watch out! (Protestia) Brett McCracken is the senior editor and director of communications at The Gospel Coalition and an elder at Southlands Church. He released his ‘Best movies of 2022’ and unsurprisingly, at least one of the films is full … Continue reading 

The Gospel Coalition Uses the Book of Ruth to Defend Same-Sex Civil Unions

“In the example of Ruth and Naomi how is that relationship enhanced or harmed by any external civil policy whatsoever? The idea of such a thing is smuggled into the conversation in an attempt to lend credence to its thesis. … Continue reading 

The Gospel Coalition Says Abortion is Morally Acceptable in ‘Rare Exceptions’

(The Dissenter) In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade, the world has no shortage of opinions coming from practically every mouthpiece in the nation, especially from the talking heads of the professing Church. It’s … Continue reading 

The Gospel Coalition Author Implies Jesus Knows What It’s Like to Be a Homosexual

“The lengths these people go to to try to justify their homosexuality are simply astonishing at times. This isn’t to say that a homosexual can’t come to Christ and still struggle with their desires. However, teaching that Jesus understands because … Continue reading 

The Gospel Coalition Author Employs Gay Rights Activist as Personal Pastoral Assistant at Church

(Reformation Charlotte) If you’ve followed Reformation Charlotte at all over the last year, you are most likely well-aware that we believe The Gospel Coalition (TGC) to be a subversive progressive propaganda machine designed to turn the Evangelical Church sharply to … Continue reading 

The Gospel Coalition: If You Don’t Take the Vaccine you Can’t Effectively Share the Gospel

“You’re so close, TGC, to saying it’s a gospel issue. You’re almost there. You can do it. We’re rooting for you. Just one article more…” (Protestia)  A new article by The Gospel Coalition (TGC) has taken a precipitous step closer towards … Continue reading