Mayor and Councilman lied to public about Drag Queen background checks

“Parents are irate because…two Drag Queens in Texas had been convicted of child molestation, and another one was a convicted prostitute. Moreover, the Drag Queens invariably have a history of activities steeped in lurid homosexual and transgender perversion – as … Continue reading 

MassResistance stops a horrible ‘Drag Queen’ event from taking place in public library

Role models? It’s always amazing that the LGBT activists continue to claim that the Drag Queens in libraries are “role models for children.” Virtually every one of them has a trail of horrible depravity and/or criminality connected to him. And we’re … Continue reading 

Teacher Defends Drag Queen Makeup Class: Parents ‘Don’t Know What’s Best’ for Their Children

“Parents believe they should be able to storm the school in the name of political and religious beliefs if something happens in the school that they are morally opposed to. They forget that we make a promise to prepare their … Continue reading 

ANTIFA Radicals Support LGBT Exploitation of Kids in Child Drag Show

“The extreme left works in tandem to mainstream pedophilia while committing acts of domestic terrorism on the streets. Western Civilization will not survive unless this agenda is soundly defeated. Church Militant published a report on how ANTIFA’s domestic terror agenda … Continue reading 

2nd public library ‘Drag Queen’ is convicted child sex offender – and a transgender prostitute specializing in BDSM.

According to criminal records uncovered by Houston MassResistance activists, Dees was convicted in 2004 of sex crimes against four young children (ages 4, 5, 6, and 8), was jailed, and is listed as a “high risk sex offender.”  (MassResistance)  Last … Continue reading 

Drag Queen Children TV Shows Coming to America, ‘Drag Tots!’ Features Cross-Dressing Toddlers

“Netflix is turning drag queens into animated superheroes, and RuPaul’s streaming service is turning drag queens into child superheroes.” (Stoyan Zaimov – Christian Post)  At least two new animated television shows about drag queens, one featuring children characters, are set to … Continue reading 

The Sex Cult of Dionysus Is Taking Over the Nation, and Most of the Church is Silent

The recent event at the Minnesota State Capitol building, where a drag show was held for Transgender Day of Visibility, has caused outrage and controversy. (The Dissenter) The cult of Dionysus was a Greek mystery religion centered around the worship … Continue reading 

Stolen Youth: The Cultural Revolution in America

“Make America Great is racist, and color blind is racist. Drag queens are good and pure. Everyone can change their gender. Porn is good. Pedophilia is acceptable in some books now in school libraries.” (Mary Dowling – Independent Sentinel) The … Continue reading 

KinderCare LGBTQ Curriculum Teaches Infants and Toddlers How to Explore Sexuality, Gender Identity, and Other Sexual Perversions

“Teachers are then instructed to turn these children into LGBTQ activists by making rainbow flags and other propaganda pieces designed to show support for sexual perversion.” (Reformation Charlotte) If you haven’t noticed, the left wants your children. And they are … Continue reading