Mark Driscoll, the Acts 29 Network, and Rick Warren

Apprising Ministries reports that the Acts 29 National Resurgence Conference is to feature James MacDonald, Criag Groeschel and Rick Warren, and suggests that it is rather odd that New Calvinists should feature pragmatic synergistic Church Growth leaders like Groeschel and Warren.

Mark Driscoll, Sex & Marriage

Apprising Ministries points you to Tim Challies’ review of Driscoll’s new book on sex. O wait; or is it about marriage? Well, Tim explains in his review and you’ll find the link here.

Time To Kiss The Gospel Coalition Goodbye

The problem is, The Gospel Coalition isn’t really about the gospel — it’s about other things, like social justice, egalitarianism, LGBTQ activism, open borders and mass illegal immigration, theological liberalism, self-advancement, etc. The Gospel Coalition merely cloaks these causes in … Continue reading 

Founder of Young, Restless, and Reformed Movement Trashes Calvinism as ‘Garbage’

“Mark Driscoll, who spent his life at Mars Hill preaching and defending Calvinism, actually says that he doesn’t hold to the five points of Calvinism because they’re “garbage” and “not biblical.” What’s interesting is that his doctrinal shift (a term … Continue reading 

Buying a bestseller

In 2014 WORLD Magazine revealed that Seattle’s Mars Hill Church paid a California-based marketing company somewhere around $250,000 to ensure that a book by its pastor Mark Driscoll and coauthored with his wife, Grace made the New York Times best-seller … Continue reading